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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Pale and flustered; embarrassed with red-
My day so far
Cold and breezy; the hallowing winter nights-
My life feels sub par

You tell me no one likes you because you're old
I happen to think it's just because you're cold

But I see a different side of you
The one with a smile that only says a kind word
Or tells truth the way it's meant to be heard

Maybe I'm young and certainly foolish
Undoubtedly my life isn't the one you cherish

I like being myself
You like being you
Together we could be
More than a fantasy

Dreams that were wished upon stars
Have clearly gone away
Nothing more now
Just an empty memory

Immolate my regrets through your self-contained depression
Alleviate the problems of miss communicated frustration

Tell me how to feel for you
I'll let you know what to see
Advice isn't the worst thing ever
But the chances are
That you're not changing me

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:43 AM


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