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Saturday, July 30, 2005



When making a move to a location 8 hours away it is almost impossible to get the job and then plan the move. That is, unless you are transferring or taking a position so big a deal that the employers pay your moving expenses. I did not have that luxury. I knew, that is, we knew that this was the right decision. It's a thing of faith, be sure. It becomes harder to preservere in faith as the money becomes tighter, as you approach the day of bankruptcy. That day is still over a month a way, but a plan is necessary. Like, when to ask the in-laws for help. And if they cannot help, when to tell them that you'll be taking up residence with them. We have,at this point, put our hats into the ring on jobs we'd like and some we would not. I know that we have done what we can. Considering that, I see no room for worry. It is hard not to feel desperate. I've got every thousand dollar contest in town on speed dial. I have applied to the Books-A-Million in Gallatin. Before we moved my boss told me there was a B-A-M in Nashville. There's not. We looked on the website and did not see it. It was not until this week that we realized it was in Gallatin, a suburb of Nashville. Because of the double threat of my previous employment with the company and that they are hiring I think this will work. I also have an interview on Monday with Opryland Hotel to work at one of a dozen little shops they have. The lady, a brit, called yesterday and was very impressed with my answers to the on-phone pre-interview. Her words, not mine. So that looks good too. I am on a street team for Lost Highway and am hoping to convince the girl over that to find me something there. I have been a great street teamer. Her words. Maybe they have an opening in the mail room. I could always settle for A&R. Heh.

And in the end...Love you take=love you make

posted by Chase at 1:58 PM


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