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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On Denominations

Not that I have arrived or anything, but I am probably further in my walk now than I have ever been. Which isn't to say that things couldn't be better. Quite the opposite actually. Never the less, I thought about something along those lines today.

When I was in Graceville, my walk with the Lord was great and horrible at different times. In New Orleans, it has been the same. This unbalanced process is the action of sanctification. All this is to say that I had a move toward the right direction in my relationship with God earlier this afternoon. When I lived in Graceville, I only concerned myself with other Evangelical Christians as a sort of people to just debate theology with. I didn't worry about telling the lost about Jesus with these brothers and sisters; half the time, I probably thought about telling them the Gospel again. Then today a church caught my eye. I was frozen still. They try to reach the unchurched because, they love people. Who do I love, besides myself? I just felt convicted. I have not been a Christian to other Christians.

This world is just sitting in too much crap for Christians to sit around and convince themselves that they are always "sharpening iron" with their debates. Certainly, doctrinal integrity is held up with the highest regard, but some things are just not worth it. There is, by and large, not a lot getting accomplished and it is on us as the Redeemed to do it. I might not be lost, but I'm not far from it.


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