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Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'm Sorry I Always Mention The Weather

If it were my choice, I surely wouldn't be in New Orleans right now. Not that I'm all that scared of Hurricane Dennis, but because I really want to not have to work on Monday. I'm selfish, I know. My dorm has been without a/c since Thursday afternoon for one thing. Another thing is that I cannot drive anywhere because my water pump in my car has gone out. Thus the reason I wait. It looks like the storm is taking a more eastern projected track, however, the experts really can't say either way. So now I wait. My friend Patricia and I were supposed to drive to her house in Bartow, Florida, but now that doesn't seem like a viable option because the storm is pretty much outer-banning the west coast of Florida. I think we may go to our friend's house in Texas, but there's no telling. Patricia had to work today, so that is why I sit here and I am not currently driving anywhere.

In other random news, I submitted some poetry to a e-zine for publication in the next issue and I'm looking forward to getting a response back.


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