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Thursday, August 04, 2005

and then there were three

I was jobless. Scared. And soon to be going for broke. I was on the verge of worries realized, being called a dead beat husband and a suffering slob, and having some sort of break down.

On Monday I was hired as a sales person at the Opryland Hotel. I am set to start next Monday. I was ecstatic that this meant we could stay. I was anxious that I could not handle or would not like this job. I got myself worked up and worried virtually over nothing. I couldn't help but hope one of the others would work out first.

I became more accustomed to the notion. I knew that I would adjust well to it. And then came the loop.

I was contacted by Bonnie at the Ryman about an opportunity there. I was called by Gini at Books-A-Million about starting there.

Before I panicked about not having a job. Now I panick about how to choose.

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