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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Waiting For Hardees To Open

Its nights like these
That make me be appreciative for the breath I have to breathe
Driving around streets that feel alone
A place you never wanted to call your home
Somehow, someway, it all makes sense today
Now, tomorrow comes, and I don't want to forget
I seem to be growing older every minute
But I catch the secondhand pausing--
Have you looked at a clock
Just to watch it stop
Have you ever stopped to watch your life
Passing moments are like a foray into the unknown
I wanted to write something meaningful
Like the greats before
I still can't find my edge
Not quite sure what I'm looking for
Pity, because potential is wasted
Like the youth that the young dismiss
I want to find this mystery
A loving romance, not just lustful imagery
I'm tired and I'm ready to sleep
Not for eternity, just until the afternoon
For now, I'm enjoying the sunrise
Like the day that starts each new eve
Something special is yours to perceive
Taking philosophies for more than they are meant
Living your life by someone else's screenplay
Too many days I have already let pass me
I need to catch up and enjoy them
Stop regretting what my heart won't forget
Life will only give you what you let it

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:41 AM


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