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Thursday, February 23, 2006


as you stared away
i looked over your shoulder
past you
past time
past the scent of olive and wine

our only conversations
are the ones in our mind

and the only time we get to talk
is when something is wrong

the seconds; they move on
forgetting the memories they left
the days grow colder
the nights flow longer
and all i can do to stay awake is to secretly watch old porno tapes

is this the life i will remember?
is this the life i can't forget?
what's left to look forward to?
what's left to look back on?

can this be my purpose?
is it a prose to savor?

the reason i write to a savior
someone to call me home before i walk on my own

as i stared at the screen of the phone
and it said we had spoke for ten minutes and twenty seconds
i suddenly realized conversations like these only end
with one asking the other “to just be friends"

why does time passing make the hurt turn into hate?

posted by Jeff Watkins at 8:13 PM


Blogger Jillopher said...

Jill says: if i had any extra money i would so buy the beads, but i am broke and that is no joke. i am struggling with buying stuff to go back to new orelans with. it is no funto have to buy so much and be broke. i have a job that does not pay good and it is frustrating. just thought you wanted me to vent about being broke. thanks for the comment on my site---it made me smile. have a blessed day.

5:39 PM  

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