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Friday, October 14, 2005

Something New From A Person Who Isn't Old... Yet

maybe there is a time and place for everything
but some things deserve the most delicacy
even when caution is practiced
words will hurt
pain will sting
and the cause of tears shed will be a cruel reminder
that everything isn't always better done now

but how am i supposed to know these things
at 25, not much more dead than alive,
having given in to all the cliches and lies
though the lackluster of a dream is now gone
patience and experience have taught me so much
as they have probably taught you, too

i am the bad guy in this
there is now way out of it
or an excuse for the mess i've made of us
but i told you before i'd always be there
wherever you are
whether you want me to be or not
i can't give you anything
but i can tell you
i care

when words escape, or fail, or linger
you will know me by my trail of actions
or victims
i hope i can show you all the cheap talk
that i have dispensed
isn't anything more than prior mistakes
revealing that i am
just a boy
and have no idea about any of this

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:57 AM


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