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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

From The President of My Seminary

President's Office
3939 Gentilly Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana 70126-4858

To: NOBTS Family
From: Dr. Chuck Kelley
Subject: Going Home for our Belongings
Date: September 29, 2005

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,
The final piece of the puzzle has now fallen into place and I am happy to announce a date when those who wish to take the risks still involved, will be allowed to return to the campus to get their belongings. Mayor Ray Nagin will open the city for a brief return by residents on Wednesday, October 5. Thus we are able to allow the seminary family to return to the campus from Wednesday, October 5 - Sunday, October 9, according to the schedule posted below. Because of the risks faced by those who come back this soon, you and anyone who accompanies you will have to sign a waiver of responsibility before entering the campus.

Please note these important details!

1. The campus and New Orleans are still not safe environments. You will be coming at your own risk. Absolutely no children will be allowed on the campus.
2. To control traffic on our campus, a schedule of when to return is posted below. You will not be allowed on the campus before your housing area is scheduled.
3. Important suggestions on how to prepare for a visit to the campus are posted on our website. Read them carefully!
4. Expect extremely heavy traffic on Wednesday.
5. A curfew for the city is in effect! The campus will be open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the days noted. No unauthorized person will be allowed on the campus before those dates.
6. After Sunday, October 9, the campus will be closed for restoration. No unauthorized persons will be allowed on the campus until work is finished. We hope to have the front block back on line by January 2006, and the full campus ready by August 2006.
7. Begin immediately finding five prayer partners who will pray for you during this time, and who will call you after you return from the campus. This will be one of the most difficult spiritual and emotional experiences of your life. God will see us through, but not without tears.
8. Bring your own water, food, flashlight, boxes, etc. The city of New Orleans is empty and completely without services.
9. What you do not take off the campus is subject to disposal by clean-up crews. Leave only what you are willing to lose.
10. Remember our God is a redeemer who always works things for the good of those who love Him. (Rom. 8:28)

One month ago today on August 29 Hurricane Katrina struck and changed our lives forever. The five days our seminary family returns to campus will be the five worst days in our school's history. I have driven through the city. I have walked the campus. It is heartbreaking beyond description. Jesus has taught us, however, that after death comes the resurrection. Next week we will grieve, but after Sunday, October 9, we start focusing on what lies ahead.

Chuck Kelley

posted by Jeff Watkins at 11:39 PM


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