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Sunday, September 04, 2005

"You Need To Learn To Slow Down"

That's what the state trooper said to me today as he walked away from my car. Oh yeah, he sure did give me a ticket. Why? I was clocked on radar doing 92 mph in a posted speed limit of 70 mph (on I-10 East). My ticket is $205.50. I can't be mad because it's my fault. It's just not one of the brighter things I've done. It's my first ticket in 4 years. Just where the last of my money needs to go.

In other news, I will continue to update everyone on my current situation. Without much notice to anyone, even my parents, I came to my parents house today. It's strange to be here. Just seven days ago I left my home, only be gone for a few days. These will be the longest few days of my life.

If you wish to contact me via postal mail, here is the info. If you want my phone number here, email me and ask for it. Since it's my parents line, I don't want to give it out on the net.

Jeff Watkins
4515 White Road
Melbourne, FL 32934

(Ed Note About Blog: Not that I started, but on To Whom, I will relinquish from discussing any of the mishaps or tragedies post-Hurricane Katrina from now on. It hurts too much for me. People are free to discuss, have/share opinions, tell others they are wrong/right, etc. This is your constitutional right. But the thing I am so tired of is people who have never lived in New Orleans, or even visited it for that matter, having opinions of the city. The kind of opinions where they conclude in a pretty post about what should or should not happen and who is or is not to blame. The issues submerged [pun intended] are so multi-faceted that it is not a problem that can be solved so quickly and effortlessly. Also, to those who concern themselves with the poverty of the city now, please? If anyone cared, why wasn't anything being done about it years ago. I realize my statements have holes and aren't solid arguments, but that's not what I'm doing here. I'm just sharing my frustration of hearing the uninformed, inform me, of what my life was like. This isn't directed at anybody in particular. I am just tired. I can see all the sides and I can relate to all the people.)

I am a volunteer.

I am a looter.

I am white by skin.

I am treated as a minority in that city.

I left because I had a way out.

But my heart and mind stayed. It's not the same, but it's more unbearable than you can imagine, unless you were there.

I am a person who cares.

I am a person who is angry and fed up.

I can be compassionate.

I can be a bastard.

I was safe.

I wasn't safe. Even though I didn't see the horrors in real life, I still can't get the images out of my head just the same.

I have so much.

I still lost a lot.

I don't deserve anything.

But because of grace, I have life.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:57 AM


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