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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sean O'Grady, Where Have You Gone?

I try to tell a story
With every word I write
But sometimes these phrases
Come off sully and trite

Commonsense is not so common
Even among the elite
The only ones who have something to brag about
Are the ones who know it's not worth the prize to compete

Every time I try to think
Of something new to say
The same old syllables
Come off overdone and passé

I thought I could once fall in love
But that seems to be a mystery
I thought that dream could come true
But now I know that's my misery

It's only a fabrication of the mind
It's not reality
Real is waking up
Next to someone like me

There are so many things I hate
Me for one
In spite of myself
I sit here and contemplate

For me
This is what it means
To have something
That is worth redeeming

Not highly irrelevant
As with the chances
At finding something other
Than these petty romances

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:23 AM


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