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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Brave New World

Brave New World

Read this with passion. Give every syllable your complete attention. Stare into the screen until you can feel the burning in your eyes. This is big news.

To Whom it May Concern is going to be a group blog again!

How did such a miracle come to be?

I could tell you how blogs came into being and how I got into blogging and later quit and returned and how me and Donna had always thought it would be fun to share a blog and all of that. But I imagine that is a much lengthier story than you want to dedicate yourself to this afternoon.

So. In short, our people talked with Jeff's people and we inked a one year, 300 hundred dollar contract. OK, the money part is a joke. The true part is that me and Donna will be writing here now. I've been a member of this squad since the second day of its inception, but have held divided loyalties because of having my own operation.

No more.

I quit the other gig. I'll be full-fledged and full time, devoted hopelessly to you. Come to think about it, this may or may not be good news to you- according to your perspective. If you don't like this scroll on, it won't offend me. I promise.

But I'm sure you'll like Donna. She's smarter and wittier than me. I realize this doesn't take much, haha. Anyway, I'm proud of her because she's breaking barriers, just like Jackie Robinson, she's the first girl to join us here at To Whom.

In honor of this I think all you girls should put on some pants and go slap a man.

Us guys should put on a record and cry about our lost roles of dominance. Jeff, me and you can fuss about it here, like always. No one can take that from us.

Greetings and good night. Nooches.

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