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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Thoughts attack my brain like ants on the leg of an unsuspecting child. It isn't long that he remains unaware, but what to do about this is the bigger question. Swatting. This method is effective, but not as quickly as one would hope. An even bigger trick would be for a person to withstand the pain and pluck each ant off of his leg, preserving their life to build an ant farm. I want to capture this herd of thoughts and manage somehow to get them, at least most of them, into words. I don't know that I can ever truly master this but perhaps I can catch a few of the little buggers as they come at me.

I have a similar dilemma on the way to and from work, there are a fistful of ideas, etc. that I want to explore in coversation with Donna. I remember a couple and on a good day I might recall three. There's a feeling in my brain quite like forgetting what I was talking about and struggling to regain that. I carry on ridiculously, I know. This happens during long distance phone calls with close-to-heart friends. I'm so glad to hear from them that I sometimes end up not hearing from them as much as they hear from me. Sorry guys. It's really not that I'm an egotistical bastard so much as it is I have no thought of time then. This is how much I enjoy their friendship. The topic of conversation is never as important as the fact of conversation itself. Still, I should listen better, because its polite and what they have to say is surely more interesting. When I think about it sometimes it seems a kind of agony to be limited by length of phone cards and/or price of long distance.

Like those blasted ants, I swat away. I can't kill all the ants, but I'll celebrate the victories. I take what I can get and savor it. With this post I am pleased. Now I didn't get all the thoughts out, but thankfully the valuable ones never leave forever. Much like friends, you can't forget them- not for very long anyway.

I'm going now.

posted by Chase at 8:54 PM


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