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Sunday, December 07, 2003

(In A) Sometimes Roundabout Way

Many things seem misplaced
Memories and stories
One by one
They all seem gone
I’ve been waiting for so long to move on
Vanity of my life
All the things that seem
Being more important than life
Trying to catch more wind than I can glean
Last summer flew by
This time I’m just trying to stay alive
Avoiding things that I fear
Being cliché doesn’t seem so insincere
Humility is a great medium
So is sorrow
I talk about heartache
But I know nothing
I’m the one who needs to be emptied
Facing myself
Ready to bleed
Excusing empathy
For a chance to succeed
Acclamations of self
Right to complement
Where I’ve been correct
In words or actions
Erroneous to deny
Where I’ve been wrong this time
I go round and round
Just to let you down
I seem proud
What a chance to look
As frail as my words are
My actions remain also
Down to my last cent
Space that seemed to revere
More of a lesson to mean
A condition I have never seen

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:02 PM


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