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Monday, March 07, 2005

Mundane Monday

Cheers! Because of bad weather in the area, I didn't have to tutor today. That was a nice break. I have to read 100 more pages in Moral Choices by Scott Rae and finishing writing my book review of it, which is due tomorrow. After, American Idol.

Last week, I made one of my students cry. She was constantly talking during the session to the other children. I repeatedly asked her to listen, she refused. At the end of class, I asked her to stay after. I told her I was going to call her parents and the tears started a-flowing. I assured her that I wouldn't need to take such an action if she would only talk about what we were discussing and only at the appropriate time. She wiped up the small pond and went home. I'm getting old when I have to start threatening to call parents.

Notre Dame Seminary is right next to the school I tutor at. I went to their bookstore today. I was so tempted to ask if they had anything by Martin Luther, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. I wonder if they have a heretics section? Regardless, they were really pricey and I lacked the funds to buy anything that I wanted.

Okay, that's it. In all honesty...

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