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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bury The Dead, Marry The Young

It's spring break!


I had two, ten page papers due on Friday. I had one midterm also. Graduate work is so much more than undergrad. I guess that was a clue before I started. It just takes a lot more time. In the past five days, I've slept like a total of 14-17 hours. It's not that I procrastinated. I just had a ton to do.

It's now early Saturday Morning and I don't have a thing to do until next Tuesday (a week from this coming one).

An itinerary of sorts:

Friday: Leave New Orleans and drive to Graceville
Saturday: Hang out with Chase and Donna and some relatives
Sunday: Drive to Melbourne
Monday, Tuesday: Hang with Folks
Wednesday, Thursday: Hang with Melissa and Michelle!
Friday: Goto Dentist
Saturday: Other stuff
Sunday: Church (maybe start driving back)
Monday: Maybe driving back.

The rest of my life: Thinking about you...

I have five books to read during this break, plus a lot of other crap.

Kick me if I ever talk about doctoral work.


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