Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Shall Not Make For Yourself An Idol

Is anyone tired of American Idol already? This year is not interesting at all. Last year, and the season prior (four), I hardly missed an episode. Now, I don't really care. I've already missed so many episodes I'm not really sure who's still around and who's gone. Somebody should sing that Gym Class Heroes' song "Cupid's Chokehold. (I concede Sarah, it's addictive.) Their version sort of rips off the melody and chorus of Supertramp's "Breakfast In America" but without completely covering the song. GCH changes the lyrics, but the chorus and melody are pretty much the same. Oh well. That's my idol post for this season. Next year I'm watching a different show.


Melissa said...

I totally agree with you on it not being interesting this year. I too have missed a lot of episodes..

Oh well... I guess after watching it for 6 seasons, it's kind of gotten old for me. Or the talent is going down the drain. haha!

Michelle said...

How funny. This is the first season I've ever watched, and...I only watched one episode, and it wasn't very interesting! haha! I mean, I watched the auditions, a few of them, but other than that, I have only watched one episode. Those auditions were "interesting"! LOL! Seattle was craziness!

And, the local news here is sort of obsessed with reporting on it because of the dude from Chesapeake, VA still in it. I mean, I assume he's still in it. I haven't watched the news here this week, yet. haha

Sarah said...

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy getting a shout out in your blog? Holla!

brianmetz said...

I commented on your comment on my blog.
That is really weird. I haven't watched previous Idols and then this year for some reason I am hooked. Chris Sligh is rad. He's the curly haired big guy. AND then there are some ladies who bring it every week. Dude, now that it is in the top 12 you should really reconsider. They did get rid of my lookalike, Sundance, but that's okay.