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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blue Like Mamma Cass

Today I heard Mr. Donald Miller speak. It was great. My buddy Matt and I drove the ninety miles west to Baton Rouge to hear Don and it was a very cool experience. I got to meet him afterward and talk for a few. He even signed my book. Yay. Donald Miller talked a lot about stories and how everyone ought to live within one. It can either be boring or adventurous but it's yours, and you should do something great with it.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 7:32 PM


Anonymous Michelle said...

That is too cool!

8:04 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I'm sure it's a little more Christianese-sounding than Donald Miller would put it, but you should still check it out.

P.S. I'm pretty sure DM and I could be super amazing friends. Maybe it's better I didn't go...our newfound friendship would have overshadowed your book signing.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous ~*Mickie*~ said...

wow, that is really neat that you got to meet donald miller. i loved his book "blue like jazz" because it was honest, real, and thought-provoking (the best kind). i also just bought 'searching for god knows what' and i'm sure that will be really good too. :)

9:25 AM  

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