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Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras

For us here in New Orleans, and other places in these United States of America, tomorrow is Mardi Gras, which means "fat Tuesday" in French. It is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of the Lent. I have been to parades every night since Friday and I am beat. Spending six hours out on St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street is tiresome, but very fun. I have lots of beads. If you would like some, let me know. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and studying, considering the city is literally shut down. If you celebrate, be safe.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 5:06 PM


Blogger Sarah said...

No takers on the beads?? Seriously, I think the majority of the world doesn't understand the beauty of having strands of plastic spheres thrown at you while you scream at people riding by on glorified flatbeds. How sad for the majority of the world.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Jeff Watkins said...

I know. I thought it was ironic that people can critique me as a person and my grammar, but don't want to get free beads. Sheesh...

1:15 PM  

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