Thursday, January 25, 2007

Every New Day Ends The Same

So, a new semester has begun for me. I wait with heavy anticipation for what will occur. I like starts and finishes, beginnings and endings. Endings, although painful, usually bring about the most maturity, experience, and change. Change can be good. But as I learned from a Dr. Burns psychology class in undergrad: "Change causes anxiety." Yes it does.

I awoke to go to my first class yesterday with these feelings. I got ready on time, and even got there a few minutes early. As I approached the door, a sign saying "cancelled" was all I could see. Literally, they're not offering the class at all this semester. So I went to the Registar's office and got transferred into a new class for Friday. No worries. I went to my second class with no problems, and it looks to be both interesting and stress free (minimal stress atleast). Today, I woke up around 10 AM, realizing I had missed half of my hardest class this semester, Greek. My cell phone, which doubles as my alarm, was off, for no apparent reason. I yelled the F word. I feel behind already. The rest of the day wasn't bad, thank goodness. So, my 12 hour semester is as follows:

CESW6364 - Church-Community Ministries - Tue, Thur 2:00-3:20 pm
CEYH6240 - Youth Ministry in Theory and Practice - Tue, Thur 1:00-1:50 PM
DISC5171 - Spiritual Formation II - Friday @ 8 AM (but hopefully we'll change it)
NTGK5300 - Introduction to Greek (Grammar) - Tue, Thur @ 9:30-10:50 AM
OTEN5300 - Exploring the Old Testament - Wed @ 12:30-3:20 PM

Okay, that's all. I need a job now. My parents might let me buy my Mom's old car in a month or two if they can't sell it for $4,000. So I need like $2,000 pronto. We shall see.

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Michelle said...

dang...i hated waking up and realizing my class was already taking place...

hope your week ended better than your second day of classes began!

have a great weekend!