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Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Day Now, Another Year Tomorrow

Another year is quickly moving ahead. Pretty soon it will be summer, and then before I know it, Christmas will be here. Where does the time go? Life flies by faster as I get older. It seems like three years ago I was working a job that I both equally loved and hated. Now I'm just bumming around until I can find another job and waiting for school to start in a week. As I say, crazy.

I think the career I choose will have to be one that is surrounded by the school schedule, where taking winter and summer breaks off is mandatory. If I taught high school or even college, that could happen. Last semester I worked by tutored a kid in his home and that only lasted for nearly two months, if that, so now I look to something that requires less brain power. (Although I got to tell you folks, I didn't use my brain much with that kid.)

As I think back at last semester, I remember feeling overwhelmed quite a bit. But, grade-wise, I got all A's. This glorious feat was a first for me. But, this upcoming semester I will be taking Greek, for starters, as well as four other classes that prove to be just as much work. Last semester, I only took 11 hours (full time for grad school), and I had four classes. I had a children's education class, but it was easy and I only had one assignment. The other three classes, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Hermeneutics and Philosophy nearly killed me. They were definitely the most work I've ever had to type up and turn in. Between them I wrote:

18 pages for Interpersonal (2 papers, 1 book critique, 1 presentation plan/report)
56 pages total for Philosophy (6 papers, 1 book critique)
34 pages for Hermeneutics (4 papers, not included is 70 pages of typed notes)
108 pages worth of writing

That is a lot. I'm really rethinking doctoral work, seriously. Thinking about all this has my head spinning. I'm going to avoid life now.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 6:23 PM


Blogger blaize said...

Here is the whole song...

I'm Gonna Go to Hell When I Die

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

yeah...the years seem to go by quickly these's amazing that it's already the middle of january 2007!

i hope this semester goes well for you! :-)

9:38 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

You can't rethink doctoral work. What will I do with all those Dr. Watkins-Dr. Watson puns I've been working on for so long? Plus you've got to stick around long enough for us to make it through the movie list. Or at least the first page of the movie list.

12:14 PM  

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