Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Kidding, Of Course

Tonight's the last night
I will see the heat escape from my breath
In the cool winter’s-end sky
Alive for this moment
While the thoughts replace my many lives
Too little to indicate
Devastated beyond repair
My opinions on the weather
Only selfless people care
What happens to those who cannot find shelter
And die in the below freezing temperature

All of my failures
Are because of my fears
Trusting in dishonesty
And not being sincere
Simply stated
I cannot just get by
Doing rudimentary things
Running to each temporal high
Pacing as living
Dying to redo
All of this uncertainty
Carelessness reviewed

Not knowing when I get to see you again
Inclines me to want to sin
Trying to replay the irony
An indispensable industry
Commonsense is not always available
Dependability surely isn't the most profitable
Selling yourself short for someone else
Living on islands of desire just to melt
Obligatory lines to reproduce
Possible friends you want to be introduced to
The moments that fill our day
Kisses we wish to save
All the things we can’t do
Anything just so we get to see you

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah I must be pretty selfish because I really would hang up on you if you called me to tell me your opinion of the weather.
- Bethany