Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In My Life

I would sell myself on eBay if I could. Here's the rest of the stuff I'm trying to get rid of. Bid away!


tara said...

Oh my-I need that Encore shirt!

Jeff Watkins said...

I felt a little like a heel putting it up there. But, then again, it's been 7 years since Encore! days. I bet Josh still has his Tara and brags about it.

Justin said...


The U2 records would be something that qualifies under the "give Justin the chance to buy them first" catagory.

I owuld have given you a bit more than 3.99 for them all.

Tara said...

I'm sure he does, too...I feel guilty now, cause I think I sold mine at a garage sale! Oh well, life goes on...By the by, I was gonna bid on your band shirts, mostly cause there were 5 minutes left and I was feeling a little impulsive, but you only ship within the U.S.A. you prejudiced jerk! Just because we drink venison slurpees doesn't mean we don't need some Ebay love, too.