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Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Raining Men, Hallelujah

I am currently at the library where I have come to escape the pouring rain outside. Actually, it just let up a little, but prior to glancing out the window beside me, it was storming. Louisiana is a lot like Florida in the summer. Scattered showers happen frequently throughout the day. The only problem for residents here is if the rain comes down hard for an extended amount of time. That is when the streets begin to fill up and we have standing water everywhere. Not a good situation when the city's pumps can only pump out a foot an hour or something ridiculous like that.

Well, it is official: I am living in New Orleans for another year. I actually anticipate it to be a longer stay than that, but I am obligated for at least one year. I finally found a place to live. With the help of the potentially creepy Craig's List, I met two other heterosexual males who share my love of responsibility and drinking. One is a Christian, one is not. One looks homeless, the other attends Tulane grad school. It'll be interesting. I call one "Homeless Jim" and the other "The Kid". Our house is on Bienville Avenue. It's a three-bedroom, 1,500 square feet double and our landlady lives above us. I signed my lease a week ago and have not slept there one night. I need a bed. Hopefully, that will get taken care of later today or tomorrow.

As I mentioned, I'm at the library and a woman just walked out a side door near me to, presumably, stare at the rain. The thing is, it's a glass door with several windows beside it that literally allow a viewer to see the same images from inside. A novel notion, I am aware, but apparently this woman wasn't convinced that the green was the same inside as outside. She opened the door, verbalized a "Hmm" sound, and then proceeded to leave. Marvelous.

My current vocational situation just erupted this week. I cannot go into details but it is something crazy. I am finding out all kinds of things about my boss that I did not know. For starters, she was fired, not let go, as she indicated to me. This is going to greatly effect how I do my job. But, my other supervisor assures me that things will change for the better. I hope so.

Weather update, it's back to raining men. There was a lightning strike and I just lost my droors. I'm going out to my car, lay in the backseat, and try to take a nap if the rain lets up.

It never stops raining.

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