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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Kanye West Is a D-bag

I hate to write about this, but apparently the entire world is stunned at Kanye West's comments to Taylor Swift after she won the ever-so relevant MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video this past Sunday evening. Why? He constantly talks out of his ass. He is an ass! West proceeded to get on stage, grab the microphone from Swift and interrupted her acceptance speech with, "I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time."

Really, did Kanye even watch that crap? She's shaking her ass in leotard for that stupid "if you liked it you should've put a ring on it" song. I suppose if it was a better or perhaps more innovative video, his insertion might have been valid. Yet, that video seems like it would cost no more money to make than any other video being played today. There is not anything original about it. Trust me, I've seen it. Don't get me wrong, I get why he likes it. Beyoncé is hot; the video is hot. Perhaps she even has some musical ability, but for Kanye West to say that video is one of the best of all time is just asinine. And what's worse is he had to say it during Taylor Swift's speech! That is why Kanye West is a d-bag.

Even on his blog, although he apologized which garners him a little redemption, he still spewed his crap to his musically clueless fans (yeah, that's right, if you buy his records, you have been duped):

"Beyoncé's video was the best of this decade!!!! I'm sorry to my fans if I let you guys down!!!! I'm sorry to my friends at MTV. I will apologize to Taylor 2mrw," West continued on his blog. "Welcome to the real world!!!! Everybody wanna booooo me but I'm a fan of real pop culture!!! No disrespect but we watchin' the show at the crib right now cause...well you know!!!! I'm still happy for Taylor!!!! Boooyaaawwww!!!! You are very very talented!!! I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me...That's what it is!!!!!!! I'm not crazy y'all, i'm just real. Sorry for that!!! I really feel bad for Taylor and I'm sincerely sorry!!! Much respect!!!!!"

That video is so basic, there isn't any basis for his comments. He is obviously biased toward his friend. And he claims to be real? What the hell does that have to do with anything? What's good is good. I don't recall if Kanye won any awards last night, but I'm glad he did not. Perhaps he might deserve one for a video he did this year. But because he is suck a dick, I wish him very little success.

I sound bitter, I know. I'm just annoyed that people revere a guy who seems like such a prick.

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posted by Jeff Watkins at 11:26 AM


Anonymous Michelle said...

HA HA HA I have never liked Kanye West, and I don't expect anything more from the flippin' idiot. I don't understand why anyone is surprised, because it's Kanye West. I think what is surprising is the fact that he protested an award that was voted on by popular vote aka fans, and not some board of people. (or whatever that would be...) He is basically calling anyone who voted for Taylor Swift's video an idiot for voting for that instead of Beyonce's video. I'm sure MTV execs. secretly loved the incident because it has created such a buzz, that it will be repeated more than their other VMA's. LOL I rarely, if ever, watch MTV anymore. This just proves to me, again, why I don't watch it.

And, I don't think the Single Ladies video was all that great of a video, either. I mean, the song is funny, but other than that, yeah... ha ha I guess maybe he considers it to be one of the best videos of all time because it was so low budget and whatnot... The whole simplicity angle. ha Who knows? Maybe Kanye just needs to go to rehab and never make music again. LOL

You could talk about many other things to support "Why Kanye West is a D-bag"...

What did you think of the Serena Williams tirade on Saturday? She showed her true colors and deserves to be banned from a few major Grand Slam tournaments in the future... We'll see what happens with that...

(Oh, and I also don't think Taylor Swift sounds all that great live - at least what I've heard her perform live on TV... I mean, on her studio albums, she sounds fine, but live - mmm, not so much...)

Hope you're doing well Jeff!!

- Michelle

2:16 PM  
Blogger Chase said...

He's the reason for the tear drops on her guitar.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

LOL I was wondering if someone would make a reference to that.

11:33 PM  
Blogger Jeff Watkins said...

It's all been blown out of proportion. Hi Michelle, it's nice to hear from you too.

And I never noticed the tears on her guitar. She could be referencing the Beatles song "While my Guitar Gently Weeps."

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

ha ha Yeah, it has been... But, it is still pretty appalling that a grown man would act like that with a 19 year old...but, he does a lot of junk like that, so I don't know why people are surprised by his actions. lol

Yeah, it's good to hear from you too. How are you?? How are things in New Orleans?

And, I don't think I've ever heard that Beatles' song... lol

8:52 PM  
Blogger Chase said...

Maybe she's the reason for the teardrops on his guitar...

does he even have a guitar?

12:17 AM  
Blogger Jeff Watkins said...

I'm sure he has a lot of things that he has no clue about which he purchased with money from his record sales.

And Michelle, you should go find it. It's on The Beatles album "The Beatles" (dubbed the 'White Album' because its all white cover). George Harrison wrote the song and sang it but Eric Clapton played the lead guitar on it.

11:39 AM  
Blogger LTH said...

I found your blog while surfing and totally agree with this post, but I found it really funny that you'd down-grade the (really funny) word douchebag into d-bag but you call him a prick later in your rant (which i loved) :)

1:33 PM  
Blogger Jeff Watkins said...


Thanks for randomly finding my blog. I used D-bag simply because the longform of the word is way over used.

1:59 PM  

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