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Friday, July 24, 2009

How I Spent My Summer

With the end of July looming and summer's end in sight, I figured I would update this blog of mine.

End of May started well. I don't know what happened. Oh yeah, I saw Death Cab For Cutie at the CAC in New Orleans. Awesome.

In early June, I got to experience a WWE pay-per-view for the first time in real life! WWE Extreme Rules! Originally purchased a ticket for a floor seat ($75) then found a friend who wanted to go, bought a cheaper seat ($35), and then went to the event and scalped my ticket ($100). I'm the worst ticket scalper. I need to keep my capitalism online. I cannot see the faces of the folk I rip off. It haunts me.

My aunt died a few days before my birthday. Even though that sucked, I got to see my parents (whom I haven't seen since Christmas 08) and the rest of my family I have not seen in a while. All they could do was talk about was my hair. Pssshh... The amazing thing was I left New Orleans on a Sunday at 3 PM. I got to Ocala, FL at midnight. Got up, drove to Bartow. Went to two funerals (another pseudo relative died the day after my aunt). Left Bartow around 3 PM for NOLA. Made it back by 3 AM the next morning. It was 1400 miles in 36 hours. Pretty damn impressive, no?

Had one of the crappiest birthdays of my life. And, yes, it was mostly my fault. Got to see Drea, Amanda and Chrissy and go gambling.

July was mostly a month of working. Andrea and I went to Fort Walton Beach, FL, Dothan, AL, and Tallahassee, FL for the 4th of July. It was a blast. We had a lot of fun and I got to show her where I spent half of my twenties.

The rest of July has been a bore. I just work. I need to get a new job. But first I have to move off campus. If you live in New Orleans (or the surrounding area) and can swing $350 a month, you can live with me and Jason in Lakeview.

Until another three months go by...

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