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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Your Questions, My Answers

Many moons ago, you all asked some questions of me. I'm ready to answer. Perhaps this summer will find some more blogging. Who knows?

Michelle said...
"So...what do you think about all these people protesting the Olympics that will be held in China?"

I sort of agree with you Michelle. When you said, "If all these people have such a problem with it, why didn't they protest it back like 8 years ago" I can agree. I find overnight activism annoying. People find things to pick on and then people jump on the bandwagon. I don't agree with how the Chinese government is treating their own people. I just find it odd that so many people are involved now. Perhaps the attention those protesters brought to the issue will help spark some change in the Communist country of China.

Jennifer said...
"What is your dream job and why?"

At this point, getting my Ph.D. and teaching would be my dream job. I would still love to be a frontman of a indie rock band. Or own a music (CD, LP, Tape) store.

Crystal said...
"Why is the word 'fart' still funny to me?"

Crystal, do I know you? If I did, I might be able to answer this question. I guess fart is funny to you because you are still somewhat easily entertained by immature humor like all of us.

auntie-ann-nola said...
"If you could change three things in your life, past or present, what would they be?"

Auntie Ann, I, like you, try not to have regrets. But I suppose three things I would change would be:

1. Got better grades in high school
2. Never have done drugs
3. Tell those whom I care about that I love them more often

linseymari said...
"Okay, how long can you hold your breath? Quick, 1-2-3 GO!!" AND "How many episodes of Saved by the Bell can you watch in one sitting?"

I'm sick. I can hold it bout 20 seconds. I could watch about 2 or 3 episodes of Saved By the Bell. Now, I could watch an entire season of Scrubs in a day. See you at the wedding this weekend.

Debbie said...
"What moves you? What depth? What drive?"

By far the toughest question to answer. God moves me, but apparently, I'm shallow waters. What drives me? I don't know. Goals I've set for myself. To please my parents. To please others. At the end of the day, though, I just want to be proud of myself. God's approval should be the first thing I seek. Sadly, I usually consider it last.

Thanks for this guys. I appreciate the participation.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:41 PM


Anonymous Auntie Ann said...

I now regret not asking a better question. :)

3:35 PM  

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