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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer's Possibilities

Summer's Possibilities

Why is summer such an anomaly? It's the time of year that causes humans to reflect on life and become nostalgic. But summer is also a period of time that people bitterly live through only hoping for the cooler weather of fall. Summer grabs you in, and never lets you go. Once summer takes hold, you'll forget all your worries. One day, plans are made for work, school and social functions. Then another day comes with lots of laughter from children playing in the heat of the day, and it makes you think about going outside and climbing trees. Summer turns us all into children again. No other season has that effect. Summer grants us time. More time for daylight. More time for everything else. Summer lets us free ourselves from the burden of staying warm. Fewer clothes are not just mandatory; they're necessary. Summer has a way of making everything seem all right. Summer reassures us that life is meant for living. Summer has so many opportunities for improvement and growth. There's nothing like summer.

Now if I could just feel like this about every other season.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:49 PM


Anonymous Auntie Ann said...

I was just thinking most of last Wednesday
I hope we're together from here until Doomsday
We could be each other's arms
Keep each other free from harm
Because when it's all stripped to the bone
My life is at home

Spring cleaning's coming as we lose the cold weather so
Put away your long johns and all your thick sweaters
We'll cut off all our winter hair
Sit out on the lawn chairs
As the sun forgets that we're here
We forget our career
All the lukewarm weeks at sixty degrees
We're hoping it's humid show our summer knees
Once in a lifetime once in a while
the sun will shine on me
Thursday I'm leaving skip town I'm running
It's cars and new faces and jokes that aren't funny
But we laugh at them anyway
I'd do anything just to kill the day
No matter how far that I go I'm not so far away
All the lukewarm weeks at sixty degrees
We're hoping it's humid show our summer knees
Once in a lifetime once in a while
the sun will shine on me
All the humid nights parked under streetlights
My baby's riding shotgun in her knee high tights
She looks like heaven I feel like the devil
In my Sunday whites

As I slowly better my craft
I'm still a ghost of my better half
Cos once in awhile the sun shines on me

9:42 AM  

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