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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brian Was Wrong

Green Day are not the clever, political rebels some once thought they were. No, it appears that their overnight consciousness comes at a time when it's what they have to do to stay current, rather than what they should do out of generosity. I'm glad they're helping raise awareness about Darfur. Hell, I don't even mind them covering a John Lennon song. But at least, when you go on American Idol, sing the song with some damn conviction! It's not your song to butcher with your mindless drone! A working class hero you are not boys.

This brings me to my thoughts on Idol last night (Matt should love that). A two-hour finale is way better than 2005's three-hour final episode. The celebrities that appeared last night made more sense than the previous two finales (or maybe even all of them). The entertainment was nice, except for Tony Bennett. Seriously? That guy really doesn't shine well at his old age. Unlike Johnny Cash or even Frank Sinatra, Bennett just looks old. He should just quit trying to talk on pitch. The fat Elvis period in the late 70's was better than Bennett's performance last night.

The tribute to the 40th anniversary release of The Beatles' magnum opus, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, was a nice change from the usual trite tributes American Idol is known for. I'm glad someone gave them permission to cover Beatles songs, although the botched words of the classic long player were noticed by me, as well as all the other fans of that great album. I actually think Carrie Underwood could cover "She's Leaving Home" and would it do it honor. I'm not so sure about the rest.

Finally, I must say that I'm glad someone who actually sings well won last night. Jordan Sparks sings so great and she's only seventeen! On the other hand, Blake Lewis just kind of talks in a key and adds a little vibrato. I was so disappointed last year with Taylor Hicks winning, I'm glad the show redeemed itself this year. I know America picks the winner, but the judges opinions do have a say on who the audience typically votes for.

So with that, I look forward to Hell's Kitchen which premiers in July. This is the third season, and Gordon Ramsey looks meaner than ever. The new film director's show On The Lot was pretty good Tuesday night, too. I will be sure to tape it tonight.

All I can say now is, "I get high with a little help from my friends."

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:52 PM


Anonymous Michelle said...

It's Jordin! :-P :-)

No, I'm not yelling YELLING...Just stating loudly. haha And, don't fret too much about the spelling (if you are...)... I saw fans in the crowd with "JORDAN" posters, and I thought, "wow. SOME fans. They can't even spell her name right on a poster that millions of people will see!" lol

I would buy an album by Jordin or Blake, or both. I have to say that when her audition was shown way back whenever, I thought to myself that she should win. And, I kind of (secretly) pulled for her. Even though, I only watched like 1 and a half real episodes. hahaha I like her and I'm glad she won. I just hope the industry does not ruin her. She is only 17...

I went back and forth watching this finale and watching an SNL thing on SNL in the 90's on NBC. haha I guess they figured there would be no point in showing any "real" episodes with American Idle, I mean Idol, on tv for 2 hours. hahaha

And, I changed the channel when Green Day started singing. It slightly annoyed me, and I don't know why. ha! And, I was wondering if Tony Bennett was going to make it through or not... HA just kidding! I didn't watch him perform either...saw him singing and changed it...hahaha

7:41 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

What? You mean that really fantastic new song Green Day has on the radio isn't one of theirs?? Wow, like, Teen People totally lied in their article on BJA (such a hottie!!) un-ginchy!

8:03 PM  
Blogger matt solomon said...

so last night, on idol...

9:15 PM  

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