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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Barack Obama Is A Christian, But...

His views sometimes seem to conflict with what the Bible prescribes for Christ-like action and attitude. This could be, of course, due to his mentor as The New York Times Online reports:

Mr. Obama, a Democratic presidential candidate who says he was only shielding his pastor from the spotlight, said he respected Mr. Wright’s work for the poor and his fight against injustice. But "we don’t agree on everything," Mr. Obama said. "I’ve never had a thorough conversation with him about all aspects of politics."

I will vote for a leader who I think will do best at leading, Christian or not. But I don't know how to trust someone who seems to have one foot in the faith of Christ and another in syncreticism. I'm not saying that the previously typed statement applies to Obama, but it certainly does for a number of candidates of both major parties.

P.S. None of this conversation does, nor will it ever apply to Hillary. She's a wonky, half-socialist who flip flops worse than Kerry did three years ago. A woman will be president some day. But if you bet on her, I'm afraid you will lose.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 2:29 PM


Anonymous Michelle said...

I would sure hope they would lose that bet! She's quite flighty... I wouldn't want her in there running the country... I mean, she's let her husband get away with all sorts of stuff... and, for what? Political progress? mmm Seems a little sketchy to me...

(and, I am not at all claiming to know much about all of it, but sheesh...)

10:03 PM  

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