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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An Evening With David Bazan

Dave Bazan (of Pedro The Lion) came to New Orleans last Tuesday night and shared his music and life with the audience.

Although the crowd wasn't large, a group of us got close to the stage, and sang along to his story-telling of faith, love, murder, deceit, lust, rage, and hatred.

Having been an avid fan of Dave's music for many years, I was worried that some of the magic would be lost by not having a full band back him on the tunes. However, I was wrong.

Mr. Bazan played through classics on each of the Pedro releases, as well as nearly playing through every song off his recently released EP Fewer Moving Parts (except for "How I Remember," which is my favorite of the disc).

Dave also answered many questions from the audience. In my opinion, some took this time to inquire his opinion; others took it to be ridiculous and annoying.

After ninety minutes of a guy and his guitar, I felt inspired. It was an amazing experience. I met Dave for the second time in my life that night. And he remembered me and the conversation we had about a book from three years prior. Rad, no?

Rock stardom isn't dead. It's just not really applicable when people are real with themselves and the people who appreciate their art.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 10:29 AM


Anonymous Justin said...

The Dave Bazan dvd is coming along nicely We are titling it "Dave Bazan:Cursing the Darkness". It should be awesome.

We sent the first bit of it to Bob (Dave's manager), so he is going to give me some feedback hopefully today or tomorrow. But things are looking really good from a marketing standpoint.

Long live Bazan!

1:10 PM  

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