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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, again.

Is it the Lord's day, really?

I have an incredibly hard time getting up to do anything on Sundays (yes, even garage sales). I sleep in Wednesday morning (because I don't work Tuesday nights). Similarly, since I don't work Saturday nights, I don't have to get up Sunday morning. I don't like getting up going to church. It isn't because I hate God or have developed an attraction to Atheism, I'm just a lazy ass, period. I dislike most of the Christians I meet (not the ones I know, there is a difference). I dislike churches typically.

I know what you're thinking, so stop. I don't dislike hearing that I'm a sinner. Actually, I like that part. It needs to be said more. The problem with a lot of modern churches is that they don't say it enough. That's why a lost world cannot understand how Christ benefits them. Because he SAVES us from our sin.

Hanging with Jesus doesn't do anything for me socially. Most of the time, unsaved women don't want to hear about it. Talking to drunk people about God in a bar is as effective as talking to mute people about the benefits of vocal/ear training. Being a follower of Christ doesn't do much for me. It just saved me from my sin.

Don't take that to mean that it only accomplished that one task. We can theologically debate how efficacious Christ's death was to the entirety of the world. I simply mean, Jesus' death gave me life, not another activity to add to my Day Planner.

Besides, I don't even have a day planner.

Please tell my parents that I'm not a Satanist because I like going gambling, to bars, drinking, smoking, and sleeping in on Sundays.

God save me.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:03 PM


Blogger Wendy said...

We've been church-hopping a lot over the last few months since we moved into a new area. It's gotten to where it feels like a series of bad dates. You can tell from the beginning if the church isn't right for you, but you still have to shake hands, they ask you to fill out the visitors' card, etc. At the end you make no promises to call or visit again, and you say "take care" rather than "see you later."

Main problem: most of the churches are filled with super old people or couples with small children. We don't fit there yet.

11:33 AM  

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