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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Life (In 200 Words)

Today, I woke up to look for tickets to a WWE event coming here to New Orleans via Why? Because I enjoy wrestling. Do I watch it every week? No, matter of fact, it usually seems boring (it's not like I can't watch nearly everyday if I really wanted to see it). Wrestling is as popular today as it ever has been, and yet, I long for the wrestling of the 1980's. Not because it was better per say, actually, it was a little cheesier. I just miss it. I was a child then and now I'm almost old. I rented old wrestling tapes just to get the feeling I felt then. It didn't work. I loved watching my hero, Hulk Hogan, rule the ring and always win against the bad guy. I can even still watch him (he just inked a deal with the wrestling organization Total Nonstop Action); but at 56, Terry Bollea wrestling just makes me feel bad for him. I don't care, he can do what he wants. I just don't feel certain things that I felt like I kid. Some days, feeling like a kid again would be the greatest thing I could feel.

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