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Saturday, November 28, 2009

It’s Like Probability

Friars take cups for communion
Liars spew stories for deception
One is the result of sin and the other is worse
Which do I partake in most?

When words mean little
And nothing can help the cause we're gathering donations for
Intersections of life bleed over
Nowhere is there a sign for you and I to follow

Deemed too loud by you
And just too selfish to plea my innocence
You were no better but that's not how you remember
The sun of our path is too bright to stare at

With all lost today, I lose a little more tomorrow
Even my own parents have divorced me
Resume where we left off
Turned away when left emptied and broken

Sleeping in bed with a stranger
I lay awake longer to make sure I make it out without sleeping through life
I have to take steps back to meet you halfway
All I've learned is how to masquerade

And swiftly cover my tracks
Don’t diddle with the facts
Nor did I ever attack you
I just let you go so you could go

I pushed you down so you would see that I was your enemy
Playing war with girls with pigtails on monkey bars
Now you've got me frequenting too many bars
And you never let me buy your drink

I long to answer one of your questions right
Merely allowing a trivia host to control our fate
You go ahead and call me to tell me about your wedding date
I hope the sky is bright that day and your soon-to-be is better sooner than later

You deserve the best
I'll take the leftovers
Good luck with God's speed
You’ll need more than an admittance of guilt from me

posted by Jeff Watkins at 2:43 PM


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I have no idea what that means.

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