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Thursday, January 22, 2009

These Are Not The Basketball Diaries

Oft I dream of grander times. I look at my accomplishments and realize I have not accomplished that much. I want to finish more than a pack of cigarettes. I want to be known... Not by the masses, but by the people who matter most to me. I want a lot. I probably want too much. Fame and fortune they are not. Time leaves me when I least expect it to. Rather, he isn't the one who stopped. I have quit. Given up. Finished. Something, sometimes, gets in my way. Memories are like obstacles. It's like a car trying to pass a parade. Even though city lights give way to country floods, I change the light bulbs anyway. Either way, I have another day. Another chance. A shot in the dark. Sparking. Restlessness is wrestled with by people who need help. I need it. Help. I need more than just a simple solution. No more restitution. Don't give me money because I took your place. Take what you want, but by legal means, please. Don't change your mind. Forget what you once thought was wise. I used to quote rappers as if they were Greek philosophers. I want to be Greek. But I got a D in the introductory course. Don't go to Greece. Don't play in the streets. Don't buy into this whole freedom scene. East goes east for the rest of the distance. Stars seem brighter when you are closer. Hollywood is just one place were movies are made. Virtuosity is far worse among those who practice a lot. Don't confuse this allotment for something more. A time or a spatial tenure, measured by means. Work. Live. Lye. Lay. Look. Don't back up. Tree trunks are in now. Forgive what you once thought. Lost little lessons. I don't know why. I just don't know. Why? Why what? Police truck. Don't get drunk. Don't sin. Be perfect. Never win. Exclaim the beauty. Repress the weak. Turn your last cheek. Deposit more money so you never run out. If money is worth having, don't waste it all. Collections rule. Depression, too. Laid down by the walls too heavy to hold above your head. Don't dread the dead. You know what? Dreamless nights are still a goodnight's sleep.

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