Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Avoiding Studying For Finals Pays

...and Intern Town is paying me.

If you recall, a month ago or so, I posted about a company named Review Me. Review Me pays you to review websites. (Sadly, as I scroll down, I notice the post is still on the main page. This proves how busy I've been.) Well, lucky you, I get to post about something cool again, and I get paid money for it, again!

My assignment this time around is to review a website called Intern Town [link]. As I was checking it out, I realized just how handy and revolutionary this site is. Intern Town is a part of Translation Central, which is a "document and website translation company with its own foreign language research department." They are based in the United Kingdom and in partnership with many universities and companies from nearly every major city all over the world.

From Intern Town's Website - Mission Statement:

1. To provide a free-of-charge, user friendly space for future interns from all over the world to find challenging positions for up to 12 months at exciting companies worldwide.

2. To provide the definitive site for companies of all sizes, for a minimal fee and with minimal administration, to directly access the CVs of tens of thousands of future interns and make contact with them in a hassle free way.

3. To foster international business and cultural understanding by exposing interns, employees and employers to new cultures, working practices and languages, and help a large number of the world's most talented youngsters find their first steps in what we hope will be highly successful careers for all.

Intern Town helps people who want business experience get that experience by interning all over the world. But that's not it. Intern Town also helps businesses who are looking for hardworking people to an internship at their companies. Registering as an intern is a free service. There is just a short, relatively easy questionnaire that you have to fill out. If you are chosen by a company to do an internship, that company may charge you a fee. Of course, if you have a business and are looking to recruit interns, there is a nominal charge.

The website is well equipped to handle any questions you might possibly have about the service. They also have a contact page if you are interested in learning more about such an exciting venture. There email address is info@interntown.com


Michelle said...

you must have heard my thoughts...

i was wondering if you were going to get anymore "assignments" for this kind of thing...

that company/website sounds pretty cool...if i needed an internship, i'd look into it, but i am not in need of one...too bad, i bet it'd be a good thing...

hope your last bit of semester is going well! (unless you're done, then i hope it went well!)

later, jeff! :-)

Michelle said...

so...i just realized that this post had a title, and it answers the last parentheses statement...you're definitely not quite done, yet...ha

i must be tired and i know i need sleep...