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Sunday, March 07, 2010

What I Did Last Week

So, you don't know this, but the street I live on is very narrow down both sides of the four-lane thoroughfare. As I was driving last week, I needed to get into the left-hand lane to make the U-turn to get to my house. An older lady driving adjacent to me suddenly came very close to my car. I don't think she was over the line, but it was close, and I was yelling explicatives at her. Paying attention to her rather than my position on the road, I heard a loud bang.

I hit my side mirror against a side mirror of a stationary car on the side of the road. And, I completely took it off.

I hesitated for a moment, thinking it might be better to not go back. But my conscience compelled me. I'm glad I did. The people were so nice. I hit a pest control's company vehicle and we both have State Farm, so it might have alleviated some of the technical issues in resolving this mess.

While I completely removed that car's side mirror, mine was still intact. I was missing the mirror itself, but it didn't shatter. I think I can just put it back on. The motor still works on the side-mirror, so I will need to get the front piece of the mirror that matches the gray paint of my car.

It is annoying. I wish it could have been avoided. But I'm glad it's not severe.

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