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Saturday, May 30, 2015

My first trip to Austin, Texas! Went to the biggest record show in the country, Austin Record Convention, last weekend. Spent less than $200. Got lots of cool things. Some cheap. Some not. Got to get food/drink from a 7-11. I know this isn't a feat but it's my favorite convenience store in Florida and haven't lived near one in ten years. Ate breakfast at Schlotzsky's for the first time. Not a bad breakfast sandwich. Spent all day at record show. Ate bbq at Bill Miller's on Friday which apparently is a chain. I don't think I like their sauce. I miss Sonny's. It was pretty good food. Had the most amazing hash browns. Only got to hit up a fancy Goodwill near downtown. And also End of an Ear Record Store. Got a Carey Brothers LP (to sell) and a Chris Kenner 45 (to keep). I heard good things about a store called Breakaway. Will definitely get in there next time I'm in town. Big storm rolled through on Saturday evening with talks of flooding. Living in NOLA, I avoid those. Left early Saturday because if I stayed at the record show any longer, I wouldn't have had any money to drive home with. Made it back in 8 hours flat.

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