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Friday, August 22, 2008

Carry On My Wayward Son

Presuppose, if you will [or can], that I am right most of the time. This is not a foregone conclusion considering I usually only talk about issues that I have a working knowledge of, or an opinion on. So, what precludes you, the hearer, from trusting that the opposite of my correctness is wrong? Could it be just misinformation? Rather, consider the percentage of time that it is possible for me to be wrong, that little season of space that is not filled by rightness, so much that you just assume that I never know what I am speaking about.

I am plagued by egotism, I am. It's a curse. But sometimes I try to convey information to people to shed some perspective their way. That bright, beautiful, and blinding light of perspective. Oh, and I know I need it shone my way as well. It just bothers me when I feel like all I can say is the wrong thing. I hate that feeling. Every word that fails to convey from my lips falls numb to your brain. Nothing I can say is allowed to be taken, as it were, the right way. It's disheartening...

I know a lot of things. I don't always show my hand. I do have a poker face. Sometimes my friends talk about things, and I don't tell them how wrong they are. I know tons of useless information. It just happens that I also know a great deal of useful information. I'm going to work on sharing the good stuff. Please do not ask me anymore while The Beatles recording process is so significant. Or, if you do, I will limit myself that answering that inquiry, and not prattle on about how revolutionary their philosophy was too.

Please forgive me when I am a know-it-all.

I understand that while I know some things, I do not know very much at all when it comes to all matters under the cosmos.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:25 PM


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