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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Time of your Life

As of July 1st I will have a degree in Film and Video Production. It's been a wild ride my friends. I never thought I would ever reach a point where I would get out of school. I took a major step of faith last year when I moved to Orlando to go to film school. I remember my last year in Graceville, when some of the self righteous kids looked at me like I was an idiot for not wanting to go into the ministry. I am sure they would think I lost my religion at this point. Well maybe I have, but thats not the issue since religion kills anyways. God has brought me so far in the past year, and I have learned so much about my faith and about life. I have seen the world, and tasted some of its fruit....some sweet and some bitter. I have fallen alot, and God has picked me back up and brushed me off. I have watched the Holy Spirit give someone comfort and rest from their spiritual insecurities. God has used me, this underserving whore of inconsistancy, to impact alot of peoples lives. I stand in awe of that, and I am ahsamed that I havent done better in my pursuit of God. I am trying though, but it seems I am back to baby steps. Anyways, if anyone gets a chance, head to orlando for my graduation....if not..send money. Grace and Peace.

posted by Justin at 1:39 PM


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