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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Easy Living Productions

I got my first piece of mail today as a business. It said "Justin McLeod, Easy Living Productions". It was a stupid advertisment trying to convince me to get business credit card, but yet somehow it made me feel legit all the same. As of May 7th 2005 Easy Living Productions has opened it's doors for business. It's the beginning of a dream that started a long time ago, in a small town far far away. It's a small Neil Armstrong step that will hopefully make a giant leap into the world of digital filmmaking. Right now, we are focused on developing a few short films, and trying to get into filming weddings, bar mitzvas, concerts,ect. Basically anything you would wanted filmed, we can do. And we can make it look like a movie. In July there will be an official website, and me running all over the state of Florida doing some advertising and promotion. So there will be big things in the works. We also plan to hopefully shoot our first feature film in 2006 and hit the film festivals. So please keep us in your thoughts as we venture to push independant digital filmmaking in Florida. And please remember us if you need something filmed. Theres not anything we cannot do,at least not yet.

posted by Justin at 10:04 AM


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