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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Circle is Complete

On Wednesday night at 12:01 am I will be sitting in a dark theater with my friends waiting for the infamous "Fox Fanfare" to come across the speakers. I am sure the cheers will resound as we see those famous blue words displayed on a huge screen : A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... It will be a time of jubilation and yet, some sadness as well. This will be the last time I ever get to see a Star Wars movie at the theater.

Those of you who know me, would know all about my devotion to Lucas and his tale of good versus evil. Most of you know how I skipped class in the summer of 1999 to stand in a line to see Episode 1. You know how I used to display my action figure collection on a wall in my bedroom. Some of you may even know that seeing Return of the Jedi at age 5 in 1983 was the moment that made me want to make movies someday. So we all that being said, it would be fair to call me a Star Wars fan.

Now I find myself 20 years post- Return of the Jedi and getting ready for my final Star Wars theatre experince. I have mixed thoughts about it. One one hand I am very excited about finally seeing it, but on the other hand, it will be the last one I ever get to be excited about. Star Wars has essentially been my rite of passage in a way. It helped develop my love of storytelling and imagination. The only Halloween I remember was when I dressed up as Darth Vader and my cousin was Luke Skywalker. I am sure I was quite intimidating in the black suit. I named my first dog Jabba the Hutt. I had the "when you hear this sound, turn the page" books from all the movies.

And then I got older......

Thats when I started buying Star Wars action figures (to replace the ones I lost as a kid).

I don't think alot of people truly understand the mythos of Star Wars. It was not just a change in the way we make movies, but it changed the way we thought about them. It made going to the movies something fun again. It grabbed an entire generation, it paved the way for modern special effects, and it also made us wear kick ass halloween costumes! George Lucas created the modern myth. The tale of Star Wars is our Iliad. It's the adventure stories people will tell their children years from now. Kids will still want to hear stories of the Trojan Horse, they will just also wanna hear how Luke Skywalker rescued Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. We will read the sad story of Hamlet in high school, but will we discuss the tragic fall of Anakin Skywalker? The point to this, is the fact that the stories Lucas tells us in Star Wars are just as fasinating as the ones our parents grew up with.

So sometime early Thursday morning around 3 or 4 am, I plan on raising a glass and shedding a tear in celebration of my last Star Wars premiere. So with all that being said I hope no one takes offense to my last statement. May the force be with you....always.

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