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Friday, March 11, 2005

Ok, many of you know me, some of you don't. And I also decided that I should post more than christianity hilarity that occurs within the confines of my store. Because to quote Jeff, I'm more than my experience at my christian bookstore.(Good suggestion buddy!) I found this thing on my friend Kelly's xanga site. I liked it. So I'm doing it now.

i am not: very careful
.i hurt: when I'm betrayed
i love: creativity
i hate: not being in control
i hope: in very little, probaby not enough
i hear: Number One Gun, which is what is playing in my store right now.
i crave: God's direction for my life, because I don't know what it is.
i regret: Chances not taken.
i cry: Not very often at all.
i care: for my friends, they are the most important to me, even if I suck at showing it.
i always: think.
i long to: be useful.
i feel alone: in miami
i listen: Good stuff.
i hide: my true self, from most people, those of you who are in the know who you are.
i sing: in my car.
i dance: at shows, only at shows.
i write: only when inspired, which isn't as often as I would like.
i breathe: music.
i play: life.
i miss: my friends and family.
i search: for completion.
i learn: a little all the time.
i feel: turbulent.
i know: a ridiculous amount.
i say: my mind.
i succeed: in meeting my own expectations
i fail: and learn from it.
i dream: for the sake of dreaming. Vivat the dream!
i sleep: to get away.
i wonder: when I will be completed.
i want: to know my direction.
i worry: too little.
i have: a hankering for a sub.
i give: too little trust to others.
i fight: against ignorance.
i wait: for completion.
i need: food.
i think: high maintenance customers frustrate me more than all others.
i cant help the fact that. I need people when I don't want to need them.
i stay: turbulent.
i am: nothing.

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