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Friday, February 25, 2005

New Music

New Music

There is some great music coming out in the next few months. But first off, if you have gone out and picked up the new Anberlin and Bright Eyes cd's you should go do that. Both of them are great albums.

Anyways on March 22nd Copeland is releasing "In Motion" and you can hear a new song every friday on So I think there are 3 songs posted now, and I think they are amazing.

On the same day Mae is releasing their new album "The Everglow" and they have a new song on purevolume as well. I think it sounds good, and it shows promise for the new album.

For all of us Pedro the Lion fans, David Bazan and Tim Walsh are going to release a side project called "Headphones". The album comes out on Suicide Squeeze records in May.

Speaking of May...the as of yet untitled Dave Matthews Band studio album will be released. I can safely say that this could be their greatest album. This guys are in their prime right now, and the batch of new songs that they have been playing at their shows have been some of the best they have done. So very very high hopes for the new album.

Also, Coldplay should be making their announcement for their new album release this week.

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