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Friday, February 18, 2005

Hello everybody!!!

Hello bloggerland!
My name is Michael Sutton and I just remembered my password to blog!
So I decided that I would. I was instructed when Jeff told me what to do a long time ago just to write what is going on with me. So here goes. I was awakened at 2:17 this morning by whimpering. I simply rolled back over and put the pillow over my head and went back to blissful oblivion. I woke up again at 6:32 and then started thinking to myself, "Self, why was there whimpering in the house?". Then I remembered the two newest additions to my family. Their names are Daisy and Lily. Lily is going to live with my grandmother as soon as we can get up there. For clarifications sake, Daisy and Lily are my sister's puppies. Chihuahua\dachshund puppies no less.
Pictures will follow soon. They do not look like what you are probably imagining. Because what I imagined was a tiny apple-shaped chihuahua head on a weiner dog body. Thankfully, they are not that doofy looking. They are actually ridiculously cute. And good thing too! You know, because of that whole waking everyone up all the time thing. I think I remember my father muttering something about crucifixion under his breath when he went to go pacify them at around 2:20 this morning......

posted by Mike at 2:36 PM


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