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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Editing used to be fun

I left class an hour early last night because my head was killing me. Yesterday was supposed to be my 12 hour school day. Let me give you a glimpse into my world for a minute. Full Sail classes run on 4 hour time blocks. Your classes change every month, and you either have one or two classes. This month I am taking Business Communications (which is a crap class) and 16mm Film Editing. Last month we shot our 16mm film, called Salute. We call it "My big fat non-denominational wedding" as a joke.

Back to the current topic, yesterday I had BC in the morning, from 9-1 and then from 1-9 was going to be spend editing Salute. Keep in mind this film is only 7 minutes long, and so I keep seeing the same footage over and over, so it can get old very fast. On top of that, I am trying to put in more sound and mix the audio properly. Well the majority of last night was spent tweaking the audio, and then trying to put the end credits in. My God was that horrible. I kept having to retype the credits because they kept rolling too fast so you couldnt read them. Plus I was trying to keep them in sync with the song I was using. Around 8 last night, I finished the credits, and I logged out of the system and went home because my head hurt from staring at the screen. So I went home popped on the new Bright Eyes album and layed down. Thats all I have for you right now. Read and enjoy.

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