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Friday, February 18, 2005

Back from the Dead

After a long hiatus from this site, I have finally gotten around to making a comeback tour. I am glad Jeff has kept the site going, and that people still come here and read. I do hope I was missed, even it was a little bit. I guess I should fill everyone in on where I have been. I moved to Orlando Florida in June of 2003 to go to film school. I go to Full Sail Real World Education and I am getting a degree in film and video production. Its nice to finally get up off your ass and pursue your dreams. It is amazing to make a movie, even if it's only 7 minutes long. Theres something rewarding about it. My friend and I are actually planning on starting a production company, and we are working on about 6 different projects. It's alot of work, but fun. I am graduating July 1st 2005, which is very exciting. So after that I plan on sticking around Orlando and making my own films, and maybe....just maybe in the future head out to LA to get involved in the independent film scene. Thats about all I have right now, so I will head out. Thanks for playing.

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