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Friday, November 07, 2003

Reformation and Revolutions

First off...if you havent read Jeff's post...then quit reading this and scroll down!

During the past week I have been to see two movies, which is good on my mind but hard on my wallet. Tuesday night I went and saw Luther, which was quite good. I realized how visual I am after I saw the movie. I knew alot about the life of Martin Luther, and how he started the Protestant Reformation, but actually seeing it unfold made it all the more powerful. The acting I thought was really well done. Joseph Fiennes was quit amazing as Luther, but I have to say the most fun to watch was Sir Peter Ustinov as Prince Fredrick. There is alot of history to cover in Luther's life, and sadly, one two hour film cannot cover everything. The great debate at the Diet of Worms was left out, which I would imagine was done due to pacing of the film. ( The Diet of Worms is in the movie, just parts of it were skipped over in order to just get the meat of what happened.) I truly enjoyed this film, and I am overjoyed at the prospect of having Hollywood produce movies with a positive christian influence. Now I can only long for Feburary 25th, when we finally get to see Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ.

Wednesday night I went to watch the final chapter in the Matrix trilogy: The Matrix Revolutions. Admist all the bad reviews, and the dissapointments of many who saw the film, I am proud to say that I loved it. Some of you will scoff at me and say "well he likes every movie that comes out." However, I truly loved this movie. This will go on my list of amazing trilogies, falling right into place with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and yet the Matrix films bring something to the table that both of the previous film sagas dont. The film is brimming with sheer humanity and the power of the human spirit. I think that is something we tend to forget about, considering we are all so depraved. Yet God has allowed humans to overcome major obstacles and in all things there is the desire to survive. Strip away the eye popping effects and the thrilling action scenes, and you have a beautiful requiem of human survival. Take away all the sometimes overdone philosophy rants, and you have a picture of mankind yearning for meaning and for purpose. Thats my take on the trilogy anyways.
The main problems people seem to have with the film, is the ending. I say it ended the only way it could have ended. If it ended any other way, it would have been called cliche or cheesy. Revolutions ends like no other film I have seen in a long time, and thats why I liked it so much. The Matrix films have now found their place among the great film stories that have been told. It's a fresh story, told masterfully and it left me awestruck. The story will bring tears to you eyes and then after it's all said and done, you spirits will be lifted. Or you can just be simple-minded and complain thats its some lame sci-fi flick, like everyone else is doing. Or you can think objectively, and see what makes the world of the Matrix so special.

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