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Sunday, October 12, 2003

The Shot Heard Around the World

As promised, I am trying to blog more frequently. I mentioned last week that I have pursuing my theological studies more as of late. I had gotten to this point in my life where I needed certian questions answered that my current theological postion just would not answer. I was tired of running in circles. Over the past month or so, I have gotten alot deeper in the scriptures, and really tried to understand my beliefs, and to really ground myself in the truth. Call it a crisis of faith if you will. I have always struggled with doubts when it comes to my life and beliefs. In my opinion these doubts have made me a stonger person, considering I question everything. Alot of people don't question anything, least of all their faith. I guess somehow we got it into our heads that it was wrong to doubt. So in light of all of these doubts, it led me to really study what I believed. I needed to know excatly to what extent I believed in God's sovererignty and our own human depravity. So with that being said, I now consider myself reformed, not just in the non-catholic sense, but in the theological position as well. This has been a long three year process for me, considering I hated the very idea of being a "Calvinist" when I first stared studying. I have called it heresy before, but I was ignorant at the time. Then eventually I actually saw reformed theology as a valid postion, although I still didn't agree with it's tenants. A few weeks ago I started reading A.W Pink's " The Sovereignty of God" and I kept my bible open to reread the scriptures he would quote in the book. I found that I couldnt argue with his points, and with scripture. So after much seeking and prayer I feel like I can say I am reformed. Of course the more I read, the more I realize what I dont know. All I know is that I feel so much more free now than I have felt in years. God's grace is amazing, and His love endures forever.

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