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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Dont Miss Tomorrow When I Attack the Legalists

Due to current events in my life I have been doing alot of thinking about arrogance. First of all let me say that I have done my share of pointing fingers, and have called quite a few people arrogant during my life as a student of theology. I have also been an arrogant prick myself quite a few times. Lately since my conversion to the "dark side of the force" I have really had to be careful with what I would say concerning theology, lest I be attacked like Nsync at a cheerleader conference. However, is being bold and opinionated about my theological views any worse than my thoughts on movies, music or the Southern Baptist Convention? If I sit there and say that Braveheart is the greatest film ever made, and you think that Rob Roy is better, does that make me arrogant? Or perhaps it just makes me have an opinion. Granted, our faith is far more important that what movies we like, however I think the idea is the same.

The study of theology tends to create all these dividing lines among christians, and that is why we use words such as " arrogant", "ignorant" or "misinformed" when it comes to those who see things differently from us. Sometimes I envy those who are young in the faith, and have not yet heard of all these different theological ideas. Their minds are not yet tainted with the ideas of Lewis, Luther. Calvin or Wesley. They havent had arguements over tulips or bible translations. Nor have they been able to walk into a christian bookstore and wince as they look at the display of the "Left Behind" novels. Growing up, and learning more tends to make one cynical. Or perhaps even arrogant in some ways. When the Bible says thats knowledge puffs up.....I cant argue. However, knowledge is something I have been craving. The knowledge of God, of myself, of my faith and why I believe the way I do. I cannot be the happy go-lucky christian. I cannot just say "Jesus died for me, and thats all I know". Hats off to those who are content living like that. I have to understand why things are the way they are, and sometimes that makes me look arrogant. I wish I wasnt that way sometimes, but going to a theological college awoke the theologian inside me. ( My, was that redundant!) So now I am on the constant search for absolute truth.

This search has lead me to a place I never thought I would be. My studies on my own sin nature made me believe in the concept of total depravity. Well that and the MTV movie awards! I could write an entire essay on human depravity just based on my life. Embracing this knowledge of depravity is not some that I really wanted to accept. I liked thinking I had some good in me. I liked thinking I could better myself in some way. However the truth of the matter was that I was way off. I had way too many questions that I had to have answered. Thats what the study of theology has done to has made me think. I have doubted everything from my own faith to the very exsistance of God. This has all made my faith stronger, as has my newfound reformed thought. I call myself this...not because I think I am a "calvinist"...that is further from the truth. I will never call myself that, not for any reason. The only reason I use the term reformed is because thats excatly what happened to my faith. I was tired of my mundane spiritual life. I was sick of all of my unanswered questions. I was running around in circles. Now I am excited about my faith. I actually want to study the Bible more and more. Yet I know how touchy everyone can be when it comes to talking about flowers and 5 pointed things, and thats ok. So I will avoid talking about roses and the star of David in any future posts. Thats my promise to you. However, I will not shy away in talking about things that I believe to be true both on this site and in my daily life. I cannot promise that I will always have an answer or a well prepared rebuttal to anything that anyone may say to me, since I am not perfect and dont know everything. If something I say offends you, you will eventually get over it. We seem to forget how often Jesus said things that were considered offensive to some.....of course He called it the truth! I dont have a grasp on what is absolute truth and what isnt, but I am trying to understand all that God will allow my finite mind to process. I will always be bold in what I have to say, and those of you who know me or have read the site before should know this? I mean cmon.....whos the guy who has said "shit" on this website more than once? So if my current line of thought has made me arrogant....than I have always been arrogant. Plain and simple. Now with that being apologies to those I have offended.

posted by Justin at 10:05 PM


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